23 Days to Practise Transformation: Lessons in Transformative Consciousness and Mindful Living

In this 23-day long course, you are going to learn and apply principles and practices that will enhance your mental clarity, awareness and ability to take conscious responsive action.

Learn to overcome reactiveness through the power of self-observation and choice.

Welcome mindfulness into your daily life. Discover yourself, stop running on autopilot.


Start transforming your consciousness in 23 days.


Learn the nuts and bolts of mindful living and profound personal contentment and transformation through 23 principles and practices drawn from diverse spiritual and philosophical traditions.


Engage with reflection prompts and creative writing activities that will help you to see your circumstances from different points of view.


You will receive 23 written and audio lessons and will learn to practise self-observation as the royal pathway to awakening and to becoming self-aware, thus overcoming mindless reactiveness, and taking conscious action on all occasions.

During the course, we will interact through weekly emails, whereby you can send me your reflections, questions and comments.


The Creativity Workbook for Coaches and Creatives: 50+ Inspiring Exercises from Creativity Coaches Worldwide

 is available for purchase.

The book, edited by Dr. Eric Maisel, includes a brief introduction and 53 chapters with effective and practical creative activities provided by creativity coaches and practitioners around the world.

Being a workbook, it provides a wealth of creative exercises for a diverse range of issues and interests.

Each chapter presents the exercise at hand, followed by how it can be used in session or as homework, how it can be adapted for home use, and finally, gives examples of the client results achieved through its execution.

My own contribution is featured in Chapter Four: "Creative Geometry." It contains an exercise useful for jumpstarting a new creative project or overcoming a creative slump.

You can preview and order the book on Amazon:

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Colour Your Life. A Course in Creative Mindset.

My short and practical course about developing or enhancing your creative mindset is available.

The course activities are engaging, easy to carry out and effective. Moreover, you can contact me by email to ask questions about the practice.

In 5 days you are going to lay the foundations of thinking creatively and making creative connections.

Then, you can build upon the foundations by repeating the approach you are going to learn in the course and by going through ever-deepening cycles of 5, 10, or 15-day practice as often as you desire, till it becomes second nature.

Colour Your Life. A Course in Creative Mindset is the lean approach to developing and strengthening your creativity.


Inside Creativity Coaching -- 40 Inspiring Case Studies from Around the World

Inside Creativity Coaching: 40 Inspiring Case Studies from Around the World is the go-to book to learn about Creativity coaching, and break-through techniques to develop creativity and have the self-confidence to broach any creative project.
The book, edited by Dr Eric Maisel, foremost Creativity Coach, contains case studies by 40 Coaches that are based all over the world.
My contribution is featured in chapter 36. Its title is "Orange Disks and Orange Balls: How a Visual Storyteller Stopped Self-Sabotaging."

Each case study engagingly describes the manifold practices and tools of Creativity Coaching and provides main learning points and self-coaching questions, together with short biographies and contact details of the contributors.

The Appendices are on such illuminating topics as what is Creativity Coaching, what is involved in a coaching session, information for prospective Creativity Coaches.

The book also contains an invaluable bibliography and a handy index that makes it easy to locate any relevant subject.

A great reference book, full of tips, techniques and useful information for all of you who want to be more creative.

Check it out here.

Write Yourself Free. Heal Your Life With Creative Writing.

Write Yourself Free is a treasure trove of practical writing activities designed to help you sail towards emotional healing and creative self-expression.

Write Yourself Free is a sequential course with carefully-laid out weekly activities for a little longer than a whole year.

Thus, when you sign up, you are embarking on a whole transformational journey that will lead you on the other side of low self-esteem, lack of focus, a sense of purposelessness, feeling stuck or anxious to the safe shore of self-confidence, sharp focus, clarity of purpose, and renewed wellbeing and self-knowledge.

You could take the course over six months if you really wanted, but the reason it was created for a whole year is that it was conceived, planned, researched, experimented with and laid out to give you the maximum benefit.

In fact, by taking the time to do the activities in the course over a year, you will make sure to reap the sweet rewards of doing deep and engaging inner work.

The results of seriously engaging with the course are:

  • bringing to the surface, acknowledging and healing your inner wounds and memories
  • moving on and being able to be in the present moment
  • allowing a sense of possibility and playfulness in your daily life
  • expressing your truths
  • enhancing your creativity and imagination
  • being in charge of your responses to external triggers
  • moving from a place of victimhood and reactive action to a place of self-awareness and self-possession, a place where you choose your responses and actions
  • overcoming a sense of isolation and anxiety and discovering your resilience
  • discovering your resources in unexpected or overlooked inner places
  • getting acquainted with and truly appreciating your best friend: yourself
  • exploring your potential and envisioning your possible future
  • improving your writing craft
  • having fun being creative!

The course is mentored by email and through a Zoom monthly call.

It includes 56 videos: an introduction, 54 weekly writing activities to be engaged with sequentially, and a conclusion. Each section has its workbook. There also is a bonus section and a list of suggested readings.