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24. Jul, 2020

After the Summer Challenge, I took a few days off and went to the mountains to relax, walk, cook, paint and sleep longer.

I also went to the seaside for one day, visiting a medieval borough on the Adriatic coast.

The sea breeze spurred me to walk on and explore more, in spite of the fierce July sun. 

I had precious time with my friend: we walked along the promenade overlooking the sea and soaked in the sea air, wind and sun. We had fresh fish in a delicious open-air restaurant.

I started working again last Monday: I have been working on a new project: a chapter for a journaling book for professionals and clients alike.

Moreover, as I have been telling you over the last few weeks, Blue Planet Vision is changing

I have been pouring all my passion into this soul project of mine, and the more I pour, the more passion self-generates. 

It truly is a remarkable process.

Have you ever been there?

It is a process of continuous inspiration and renewal...

I have more to bring into manifestation, to share and to let you know about, and it is the right time to bring it all to fruition.

Over the next weeks, I am going to give you great news, but today I would like to invite you to take advantage of Blue Planet Vision invaluable courses.

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15. Jul, 2020

Here we are: we got to the last day of our Summer Challenge and I have a wonderful course ready for you.

I hope you found inspiration in this 21-day journey to achievement to pursue your own!

If you are interested in coaching, read the page Work with Me, for up-to-date information.

Thank you for witnessing and supporting Blue Planet Vision unfolding! 🤩

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15. Jul, 2020

It is soon after midnight in my part of the world: I have been so carried away with all the marketing and website work that I am writing my update for Day 20 slightly late.

What started out as a 21-day challenge to conceive and prepare a new online course has turned out as a major blessing for the direction I want Blue Planet Vision to take.

In fact over the last three or four days, after finishing working on the course, I buckled down to work on all aspects of Blue Planet Vision.

So, I am truly grateful for these past 20 days!

Tomorrow is the final day when I am going to publish a webpage with details of my coaching packages.

Have a great day or night in your part of the world! ❤

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13. Jul, 2020

I finished my Summer Challenge three days before the deadline, which is July, 15.

Now that the course 23 Days to Practise Transformation is ready, it is time to get the news out into the world.

Today, I also revised my coaching packages and coaching agreement.

Very soon there will be a dedicated page on this website. 😉

And more novelties are to come soon... stay tuned!

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12. Jul, 2020

23 Days to Practise Transformation, Lessons in Transformative Consciousness and Mindful Living is finally ready.

Here is what you will learn:

 1. Exerting Compassion Towards Yourself and Others

2. Exerting Forgiveness Towards Yourself and Others

3. Releasing Judgments

4. Releasing Expectations and Assumptions

5. Becoming Grateful

6. Listening to your Heart and Voice

7. Living in the Present Moment

8. Releasing the Past

9. Practising Emotional Closure and Resolution

10. Empowering Yourself

11. Being Open to Grace (even if you are not a Christian)

12. Sharing your Gifts with the World

13. Why and How to Pray (even if you are not religious)

14. Practising Trust and Self-Belief

15. Being in Contact with Nature

16. Attuning to all that is

17. Practising Being at Peace

18. Overcoming Emotional Reactiveness

19. How to Show up at Work to Improve Engagement

20. Mindful Speaking

21. Practising Being true to Yourself and Being Truthful

22. Exerting your Power of Choice

23. Taking Yourself and Circumstances with a Degree of Lightness

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