31. Oct, 2020

Why In a World Gone Nuts We Need Stories

We are living and witnessing very strange and uncertain times.

Social chaos, upheaval, mayhem and a global pandemic, fires and other natural disasters... Gaia speaking out and answering back to us.

Why even bother to write, imagine, engage with stories (let alone with fairy tales and wonder stories)?

The reason why is that in the breaking down of the world and of life as we know them, our souls and communities need to envision new possibilities and new ways to live, not just survive and makeshift in a post-apocalyptic world.

Our souls crave for stories. Our cultures need them badly.

Not only that.

We need to revitalise our cultures by making ancient and ever new stories come alive in our psyche, both as individuals and on a collective level.

Thus, the world right now feels like a strange, surreal place. We no longer feel at home, and can no longer take it for granted.

Yet in the death thralls of an old system, the uncertain dawn is breaking out, announcing a new, strange, all to reinvent day.

We need stories in order to survive, process trauma, learn, carry on and thrive.

We need stories to create new social, cultural, economic, and spiritual structures.

We need stories to bestow the gift of life and regeneration to body, mind and soul.

That is why, at this crazy time, I am offering a course in fairytale work and setting up the Cosmic Bard Vlog.

I encourage you to write to me through the contact form and share your views.

And if you feel the urgency of the call, join me for The Circle of the Elements.

You can read more about this offering here.


Photo by Efe Kurnaz on Unsplash