17. Oct, 2020

The Value of Singing and Poetry in Dark Times

I came across Excerpts from Will There Be Singing by Juliana Spahr, a long poem which in itself is a reflection on the art of poetry and its role in the world.

Especially the following lines stayed with me:

"During these days,
I would wake up and my head would hurt 
and then I would realize that in my dream 
I had said to myself that I should write some poetry.
But my dreams never explained to me why. 
Or how.
How to sing in these dark times?
It is true that I have been with poetry for a long time. 
Since I was a teenager.
Those loves of many years and our bodies changing together.
And yet also the deepening of this love. Despite.
That day with the breeze in the bar
And we said together, there needs to be some pleasure in the world. 
And next, poetry is the what is left of life.
And we pledged, more singing.
And we referenced by saying,
In the dark times. Will there also be singing? 
Yes, there will also be singing. About the dark times."


I dream of diffuse creativity transforming the world. 

Individuals and diffuse centres of creativity around the globe practising poetry, singing and creativity as an everyday act of resilience, self-care and community building.

What we have been living through in 2020 ushers in a time of urgency for rethinking ways of building self and community, in the attempt of "deschooling society."

Being a teacher, as well as a creative coach/facilitator, I am not against education, but I feel how urgent it is to reenvision education from the inside out, going in the direction of liberation and the promotion of thriving, beyond the various schooling systems from the world over that still taste of authoritarianism.

Thus, poetry and singing. And arts and music.

To make creativity the province of self-actualized, fulfilled individuals and communities everywhere.

Creativity reconceived in this way is a liberating, revolutionary practice.

We do no longer buy into the myth of the isolated artist.

We are not looking for impossible perfection or rarity, whose ideal goes on feeding the art market high financial stakes for the enclosure of the privileged.

What we need at this time is diffused creativity, thriving and throbbing hubs of creative practice, online and offline. Everywhere.

Thus, poetry and singing. And the revival of the communal, bardic art of storytelling, and reciting or reading poetry out loud with music, and embodiment through gesture, voice, movement.

It is for creative practitioners everywhere to become aware of the scorching hunger for creativity and liberation in our times and to become spokespeople and leaders of a new, generative, more democratic trend in creative practice.

Let's be brave.


Photo by Edu Lauton on Unsplash