10. Jul, 2020

Summer Challenge Day 16

Today I am going to give you some context for the course I have been working at: 

Who I am and why I am working at this course and at establishing Blue Planet Vision Creativity and Wisdom Teachings in the first place.

I am a passionate teacher: I work with teens and am totally in love with this age group, for it is a transitional age from childhood to full-blown adolescence. They are willing to be guided towards autonomy in a safe way when they realise they can trust you, and they are eager to experiment.

I also am an expressive arts facilitator and creative coach. As such, I love working with diverse age groups, not only teens but also adults.

What brings together my endeavours is a passion for facilitating people’s inner unfoldment and self-expression, because I trust the ability we have to cultivate and widen our potential.

When creativity and wisdom walk hand in hand, our lives are enhanced, and we feel joy.

My life-long love of creative expression, contemplative practices and wisdom teachings, was sparked very early, as I was a lively, observant and curious child, as well as reflective. I cannot remember ever feeling bored, as a child. On the contrary, I spent whole afternoons engrossed in games I would make up, usually involving some kind of personification, role-playing, dancing, miming, drawing, colouring, writing, etc.

All teachers said I was a very bright child. However, the teacher of my heart would lead us on art tours, where he would explain the various art styles in our town in the centre of Italy, and he would have us draw and paint and carry bucketfuls of water for the paints… He was a warm, compassionate and caring teacher.

His endearing memory inspired me many times, especially when later on I met authoritarian or indifferent teachers. To me, he will always be “the Teacher.”

Maybe, I became a teacher myself because his example kept the flame of hope and beauty burning in me. Maybe, I just plain loved the whole cycle of learning, teaching and learning some more. 

There was a time during my adolescence and early youth, I didn’t think I would become a teacher; yet, thinking about it now, it seems natural to me: I believe in the human being so deeply that it could not have been otherwise.

Teaching is a loving art.

All of this led to my desire to set up an online school where the human unfoldment can be nurtured through the marriage of creativity and wisdom, wise, creative action and contemplation: this is how Blue Planet Vision was conceived.

As to the course 23 Days to Practise Transformation, today, I added some important final touches: images, questions for reflection and creative writing activities and prompts. 

Tomorrow, I am going to give you a new update.

 Have a great day or night, wherever you are! ❤

 Picture by Antonino Visalli on Unsplash