25. Jun, 2020

Summer Challenge Day 1

I started out writing my new course 23 Days to Practise Transformation.

I set up a blank document, lit a big candle, listened to the ocean waves sound, and wrote three lessons today, which together with the first three lessons I had already written a month ago, add up to six. 

This course is based on spiritual principles that have inspired me and I hope that they will inspire you too. Most of all they are practice-based and therefore when practised, you can glean beautiful insights and discover, and uncover, more and more of who you are.

So far, I have the following:

Day 1. Compassion

Day 2. Forgiveness

Day 3. Releasing All Judgments 

Day 4. Releasing Expectations and Assumptions

Day 5. Being Grateful for Your Life

Day 6. Speak to Your Heart, and Listen

In all these daily "lessons" I have endeavoured to speak from what I know to be tested and true in my heart of hearts. The tone is conversational and friendly. I speak both to myself and to you, my dear reader.

Next update is going to be tomorrow.


Photo by courtesy of Prasanth Inturi via Pexels.com