14. Mar, 2020

Crazy March

In times of global upheaval and fear such as these, with my country, Italy, heavily affected by the spread of Covid-19, we are all called to hold the light and spread the love, not in any sentimental way, but by showing up with our gifts and accountability.

Over the last five days, I have worked non-stop to set up the online education platform for the Junior High School where I work part-time. Pupils, colleagues, parents called, texted, emailed me to ask for help with technology. 

As a result, my Soul project on Blue Planet Vision Creativity and Wisdom School has been on hold.

I ask all my readers to send positive energy and healing to Italy.

I am proud of my people, of doctors and nurses that have been working 24/7 to save lives, of my colleagues, Italian teachers, that even with scarce means have been full of imagination and resourcefulness in engaging with distance education in difficult contexts.

I won't have any of the racist and irresponsible comments that come from people like the British doctor Christian Jessen about Italians being lazy and taking any opportunity for avoiding work. As a doctor, he should have recommended to the British people to stay at home and help to prevent the spread of the virus instead.

I thank all of you, friends around the world. 

I would like to encourage all of you to take up your brushes, pens, musical instruments, creative tools of every kind to make art, to express your emotions and make something beautiful out of this unnerving time.

Create, turn pain into understanding, fear into courage, despair into beauty. 

Hold the light, spread the love, we are One.