4. Jul, 2019

Freedom and Creativity

What does it mean to be free in today's world?

Is "freedom" just another catchphrase used by demagogues, influencers and politicians of all stripes?

Surely, everyone means something different. 

Yet, if only we human beings could approach the issue from a higher standpoint, and realize that to be free can only happen when we are fully conscious and fully awake, then the word "freedom" would take on its deepest and best meaning: freedom as a right for all of us, in so far as it allows us to self-actualise within the confines of authentic respect for ourselves and others, who in their humanity are our equals.

A sense of authentic freedom can be cultivated in our lives and encouraged in the lives of our communities through the practice of intentional creativity.

By intentional creativity, I mean a creative endeavour or practice of any kind tackled from a mindful, authentic, aware, respectful and, at times, even visionary attitude.

We desperately need to bring creativity in our lives: in schools, in board-rooms, in community centres and other public places, as well as in our private spaces. However, we need diverse kinds of creativity: not only functional but also outright irreverent, playful, process-oriented and open to insight.

We don't need creativity only to increase production and devise new products, but to solve the many thorny environmental and social issues we live with, the injustice and the pain of the world, the deadends of many of our daily routines and relationships, as well as, at a higher level, to envision whole new ways of life, more just, kind and fulfilling for everyone.

Thus, let us uphold creativity at all times, especially when someone lies and says creativity is futile, in the face of current emergencies.

Conscious creativity starts with a clear and calm mind and a balanced, compassionate heart, two attributes so much needed in our lives...