24. Mar, 2019

Spring: Love Again

Over the past few days, life has intensified.

Amid March wind blasts, and the inconstant heat of the sun came the Spring Equinox.

I have felt it in my body, as I sat in the warm train wagon, watching the silhouetted mountains pass by.

A movement towards expansion, a deep breath animated my body and propelled me into pure joy, as I got off the train in expectation.

I was about to be reunited to a friend I had not seen for many years.

Spring clean air, the cheerful bright sun, and the wind made me even more aware of my feelings. My joy was tinged with the hopeful nervousness that accompanies reunion to what we love most.

A cup of coffee sipped in the meaningful silence that fills the gaps between the years, a slow walk along the green river bank, a conversation held on a wooden bench, stretching the soul backward and forward into infinity.

Does it matter that our lifespan is limited?

In such moments, I know beyond any doubt that our time in this life escapes from the circling of the clock arms, from eight to four routines, and the ticking of linear logic.

We don't need a universal clock to keep track of our existence.

We only need a heart...

Desires, hopes, loves, aches: the heart keeps the score. Through pain, longing, solitude, misunderstanding, and discomfort, if we are brave enough and have pure intent, the heart will lead us to rebirth and resurrection.

Meanwhile, Spring comes; blades of grass are glistening in the sun.