8. Feb, 2019

Contacting Goddess Archetypes

According to Jungian psychology, archetypes are inherited symbols, patterns, images, motifs that are contained in the Collective Unconscious. They are autonomous forms that get actualized in human lives when they enter an individual's or culture's consciousness.

Thus, saying that Goddess is an archetype is not a reduction of the spiritual power this word indicates. On the contrary, it means recognizing that she has both autonomous existence in the imaginal realm and multiple manifestations in human cultures and societies.

We can infer the existence of archetypes from their recurrence in art, literature, fairytales, religions all over the world. They also populate our most significant dreams.

The Universe being a mysterious and wondrous place, there are times in history when some archetypes become more prominent than others.

The resurgence of the Divine Feminine and its connected values is a case in point.

Nowadays, many traditional institutions are going through a crisis and have become ineffectual.

More and more women and men are recognizing the importance of upholding feminine values of empowerment through sensitivity, intuition, nurturance, creativity, cooperation and community-making. Masculine and Feminine need to be balanced in order for our world to be renewed.

There are several authors in the Goddess movement giving advice on how to contact specific Goddess archetypes we feel attuned to. However, I believe the bottom line is finding the Divine Feminine within.

Some ways we can cultivate inner knowing are self-observation and meditation, journaling, recording our dreams, intuitive art, spending time alone in nature, silence and solitude.

Both men and women need to retrieve the gentle voice of intuition and inner knowing for, as The Charge of the Goddess states, "if what you seek, you find not within yourself, you will never find it without."