11. Oct, 2018

Harvest Season and Seasonal Attunement

Attuning oneself to the cyclical forces and moods of nature is a wonderful practice. 

It brings forth inner peace, resiliency, wonder, groundedness, a feeling of being at home in the Universe. It requires patient and curious observation of the natural world, presence and contemplation.

Once we have taken in the subtle and not-so-subtle shifts in our environment, we can ask ourselves if and how these influence our inner worlds, our perceptions and moods and our ways of being in the world.

October is the fullness of harvest season.

Even if in our modern societies the link with this agricultural function is weaker -- at least for those of us who do not grow a vegetable garden or an orchard -- we can consider harvest in the light of our projects and plans.

Not only our daily, weekly, monthly or even yearly plans associated to specific life goals, but our existential plans: in other words, who are we? Who do we want to become?

From this perspective, the harvest season becomes a great opportunity for deep observation and for reaping the fruits of our endeavours and attitudes, not only in a mundane time-related way, but also in relation to our unique soul purpose.

How do we express that dimension in our daily lives? Are we mindful and aware of this aspect or do we get caught up in daily dramas and routines? How do our "fruits" taste different from somebody else's?

Harvest season can reconnect us to kairos, the creative dimension where imagination, feeling and attention transfigure time and manifest our higher purpose and destiny.

By observing patterns, dynamics, conditions and results in our lives, we can act on and change our circumstances.

Harvest season can become an experiential laboratory where we gather our best fruits.

Attuning oneself to the seasons does not take long and it is a simple practice that brings value and joy to daily life, just by the power of observation and stillness.


Picture by courtesy of Ella Olson via pexels.com