1. Sep, 2018

The Pursuit of Pleasure

Summer is almost over. 

I am going back to school in two days: the beginning of a new school year does give you a definite sense of closure. The weather has also been rainy and cool, unusually so in this part of Italy.

However, what really makes a difference for me is my inner state, the itch to get started on a new project or bring one to completion -- which brings me to the spur of pleasure.

For a long time, pleasure has had a very ambivalent reputation: since it has been either demonised or idolised, thinking about it in a clear-headed way is not always easy.

I was just reflecting on the nature of pleasure, and how it plays a key role in our quest for self-realisation.

I have in mind pleasure that has lasting or deep effects, that lingers in our minds and emotions. In other words, what I am after is not the pleasure of instant gratification, but the principle of pleasure that spurs us on to take deliberate playful action in order to express ourselves, be creative and accomplish some kind of "results".

Sometimes, this kind of pleasure is delayed, and it does not exclude a certain amount of pain or, at least, discomfort.

Other times, the planning out and the action are part and parcel of this very pleasure, even if we cannot see the results we have been longing for yet.

The pursuit of this type of pleasure is at the core of our striving for, or flowing into, self-realisation. It is a deep, meaningful pursuit, not to be considered selfish, banal, irrelevant or self-indulgent.

It is a sacred pursuit that can lead us to the true embodiment and expression of our life purpose. Therefore, making time for deep pleasure, while accepting its accompanying pain or sense of dissatisfaction with the status quo, is alike to a meditative practice that in time will bring us in alignment with our "Why".

At this time, I am dreaming my projects awake, and am ready to propel them into action again, all the while following the breadcrumbs on my path of pleasure.

Wherever you are at, may you also start a new day with a renewed sense of purposeful pleasure.


Picture by courtesy of Jim Jackson via pexels.com