21. Nov, 2017

On the Threshold

At this time, I am holding many golden threads in my hands.

I am teaching, training as a counsellor and expressive arts therapist, writing and attending creative practice courses, preparing my own courses according to my vision and gifts.

It is an intense, joyful time, on the threshold between autumn and winter, a season I love with a fierce, steady passion. After the bustle and business of spring, summer and early autumn, I can tune into a different rhythm. Where I live, I can be in nature.

I observe the mountains, with their changing shades of brown, red, orange and yellow; I watch the blackbirds and the crows, and the occasional hawk fly above the fields. The sky is clear, the light is crystalline in the morning, softer in the early afternoon. The evening strides in quickly and twilight spreads its chilly violet glow all around.

As I take in all this, I am at peace with everything and with myself. Life is joyful and vibrant, even with leaves falling off the branches.

For me, intensity and concentration are of the essence at this time.

When I can attune to natural cycles, I am more creative and inspired. Therefore, I make a point of walking in meditation and thankfulness for about thirty minutes at least twice a week. It works for me.

There are different practices working for each of us. Taking the time for inner listening and discovering what nurtures us is so important that it cannot be downplayed or postponed.

Even if it is just five minutes at a time watching the birds fly or sitting in solitude, opening up to nature inside and around us is all about the quality of our being in this excruciatingly beautiful, broken world.


Picture by courtesy of pixabay.com