7. Oct, 2017

Let's Court Our Muse

In order to kindle our visions, we need to invoke the Muse by showing our commitment to the creative life.

Vision springs from inner necessity and inspiration: The Muses roam the fields of ideas searching our hearts for availability.

If craft serves vision, we need to be ready for the inspired visitation by practising with dedication. Thus, an artist hones his craft day after day, a musician practises her scales, a writer writes word by word.

Rarely do we get our art right the very first time. When it happens, it is heaven, but, most of the time, we must be patient and just show up, do what is required, let go of outcomes, expectations and self-doubt.

Our art can only be true to itself, if we improve our craftsmanship and regard our talents and aspirations as sacred gifts to be nurtured.

The Muses favour those who are ready.