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29. Sep, 2020

Autumn is already here; the Ninefold Festival has come and gone in a blink... but its memories stay with me, particularly the kind hospitality of the Sisters of Avalon and the graciousness and warmth of my audience.

I sent out my bibliography to the Sisterhood to pass on.

I hope you received it. If not, please get in touch with me through the contact form, and I will send it to you by email.

I also slashed my coaching rates by half and all my courses are discounted too, to offer more support at this time of global upheaval.

It has been an intense time for us all, I guess.

Personally, apart from teaching and working as a digital facilitator in my school, I have also been involved in a lot of planning and projects about online training and expressive arts therapy.

I still have another project in my heart, concerning tales... stay tuned!

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27. Aug, 2020

Where did it all start?

My grandmother was an able storyteller, she wove her tales in the autumn evening air, while at her homely tasks...

Further back, I can see with the eye of Vision, the golden and silver threads of story and poetry held in ancestral circles.

As far as I can remember, my soul has always thirsted for the medicine of story, for the enchantment of poetry and the magic power of the right words at the right time.

On September 19th and 20th, at the online Ninefold Festival, I am going to explore the Celtic Bardic traditions and women's role as visionary storytellers and poets.

 Join me and the Sisters of Avalon for a weekend of wonderment...

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8. Aug, 2020

Over the last few days, I have been undergoing a powerful transformation.

It has felt like going through a trial by fire, where I have faced what my truest and deepest values are.

As a result, Blue Planet Vision is changing too.

I realised my Vision can be manifested best through online direct teaching and blended instruction, rather than through a formal school.

To me, it is key to support the individual, both women and men, through personalised attention, which can be done best either in one-on-one work or in small groups.

So, if you are interested in working together, just reach out.

I am going to update my Books and Courses page as needed.

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1. Aug, 2020

Today I am glad to announce that I am going to be a presenter at the online Ninefold Festival, a women's conference sponsored by the Sisters of Avalon, that this year is happening via Zoom because of the global pandemic.

The event is taking place from 18 to 20 September 2020 and is going to feature a wealth of presenters and entertainers working with Celtic myth, art, history, spirituality.

My contribution is going to be "Once and Future Bard" - We are going to explore the history of the bardic ways; how the woman Bard is relevant for our times and how her role can be re-envisioned for the 21st century and beyond.

If you are a girl in love with Celtic culture and myth, join us there!

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25. Jul, 2020

The practice of mindful creativity involves inner stillness and openness to new ways of perceiving, which in turn make for clarity and a luminous sense of presence.

Here is a drawing activity that can help you experience heightened perception and a sense of flow and clarity. You don't need to have great drawing skills, just a willingness to carry out the practice.

Get some paper and coloured pens. Avoid pencils, pastels and erasers. 

Go outside in nature and find a tree that stirs your imagination.

Settle at some distance from the tree and find a comfortable position.

Now, soften your focus and keep your eyes half-closed, so that you can see the tree as a shape, but not its details.

All the while, breathe and unclench your jaw.

Now, put pen to paper and trace the space all around the tree in an unbroken line.

Practise a few times, if you need to, keeping an open attitude: don't try too hard.

Once you have drawn all that is around the tree and between its branches, always keeping a soft focus, notice the light.

Where does it fall? Does it filter through the foliage or not?

Draw the light with pens of different colours: orange, yellow, blue, violet, etc. depending on the quality of the light you are perceiving.

Try out different marks to represent that light. Pick the one(s) that depict its movement and intensity best.

Make sure you continue to breathe and keep a soft focus. Do not stare. Let the shapes and colours merge and dance before your eyes.

Now, open your eyes but do not stare. Go closer to the tree. Notice the textures of the bark, and of the leaves. Try out different marks to represent them and pick the one you are satisfied with.

Keep going until you feel the process is over, regardless of the result.

Do not judge what you drew, or if you can't avoid it, notice your judgement and note down what you are thinking. Also, notice repetitive thoughts and patterns. Then, breathe, look at your drawing again and write a statement about the drawing process.

What do you notice? What have you learnt? How did it feel?

Soften your focus again and observe your sketch. Let the critical voice subside by just witnessing it, and being patient: gradually, other, fresh perceptions and observations will set in. Write them down.

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