Hi. I am Francesca Aniballi.

I am a teacher, a writer with a Certificate in Writing Practice for Therapeutic Purposes, and a creative transformational facilitator. I work with creativity as a catalyst for change and renewal.

I hold postgraduate degrees in various fields, a PhD in Comparative Literature and qualifications in Expressive Arts Therapy and Counselling.

As a Certified Artbundance Coach and Story Practitioner, I focus on enhancing creativity, motivation, goal achievement and spiritual unfoldment through playfulness and creative fun.

As a Usui Reiki Master, I am interested in exploring ways of working with energy to enhance creativity. 

In my coaching practice, I use a wide-ranging set of creative activities and strategies.

Through intuitive art-making, creative expressive writing and journaling, new possibilities open up: words can indeed change and shape us and our worldviews.

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words. Yet, a few words can change its story. And Story is a vital element of being human. We think, perceive and experience stories all the time. Stories (and poems) elicit our feelings and emotions. They arouse, educate, entertain, deviate, guide and misguide... we cannot be, do or have anything without story-making.

Throughout my life writing has been a red thread: it has helped me find my way when in doubt or pain, it has accompanied me in quiet reflection and deep joy; the blank page gradually covered with ink has been the witness of my ramblings, adventures, spiritual and intellectual journeys, heartaches and gratitude.

My vision involves facilitating the experience and acknowledgement of human full emotional range so that you can achieve clarity and awareness by bridging heart and mind, through therapeutic creative writing, creative facilitation, and intuitive art-making.

I stand by the abiding power of writing and creativity for deep transformation.

Come on board: you are welcome.

If the idea of working with me one-on-one appeals to you, please visit the page Work with Me and send me a message through the contact form.