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Here at Blue Planet Vision, I am on a mission to empower, inspire and uplift open-minded individuals on their journey towards self-expression and self-actualization.

I offer creative and contemplative concepts and practices you can apply to your daily life.

My teachings synthesise and distil practices from world spiritual and philosophical traditions, arts and sciences -- both ancient and new -- in a way that is empowering and dogma-free, fostering the values of freedom, liberation and beauty as catalysts for inner change, in a context of respect, empathy and responsibility.

If you are free-thinker, a lover of humanity and nature, a seeker of knowledge and wisdom, you are welcome here.

If you are a sensitive woman or man aspiring to further your personal growth in an intelligent, creative and visionary way, in balance with nature and your inner voice, you are welcome.

I offer mentored courses in creative journaling, myth and story work, intuitive art for self-development, mindful living and more, one-on-one and for small groups, as well as individual coaching.


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Francesca Aniballi