Intuit-Art Practice

What is Intuit-Art Practice?

It is a specific way of art-making.

It is a practice where different processes converge: tuning into oneself, setting an intention, accessing one's intuition and making art following its prompts, while focussing on the intention set for the work at hand, listening to one's body and moving the hand and directing the pencil or brush on the canvas (or paper) accordingly.

Thus, Intuit-Art Practice brings together various trends in art-making: mindful creativity, energy and intuitive art, expressive art and medicine painting.

It foregrounds process over product and acknowledges the power of intention for self-healing, exploration, awakening and illumination.

Intuit-Art Practice can integrate various creative practices: doodling, drawing, sketching, collage, painting, creative writing, story-making, etc.

The piece resulting from this practice is not judged according to pre-set aesthetic standards, but by its impact on the maker's -- and sometimes the viewer's -- consciousness, emotions, or bodily sensations.