Personal growth and self-expression through transformative creative reading and writing

open book with clouds and airplane hanging overhead, against a blue blackground

I'll meet you under the stars

when all the chances 

of the day are exhausted

and you are no longer hurrying.

I'll meet you under the stars

when you sit still 


the ancient stirrings

of your heart.

Laughing, crying

giving thanks.

Hand writing Hello!

Hello and Welcome.

Transformative Creativity is a way of being in the world, whereby we can attune to ourselves, other beings and the very Earth we inhabit.

Creativity, Poetry and Story hold magic. They have the potential to bring about healing, empowerment and reconnection to our inner selves, one another and to our common home: the Earth.

Soon you will find

what spoke to you once 

no longer does.

Or it does, with new 

unstoppable power.

Either way,

courage will open

your path.

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blue monarch butterfly

Life Is Change, Flux, Transmutation, Transformation...

Our Earth, Gaia, Is The Blue Planet.

She lives and breathes all around and inside us.

In Her we have our being.

Creativity is the language of imagination, inspiration and intuition; it is the language of our innermost Selves in relationship with the Cosmos.

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Benefit from creative engagement, tap into intuition and discover your own evolutionary creative streak.

By means of unique imaginative journeys in creative reading and writing, I will guide you through various processes: listening, attuning, intention setting, focusing, interiorization, and flow. 

You will open up to insight and creative expression, which in turn will lead you to clarification and understanding.

Harness the transformative power of creativity, evolve your life, follow the lead of Soul.

"As a fledgling poet who wanted to improve, I signed up for a class with Francesca, a class that

more than met my expectations. My previous writing focused on reflective essays, and maybe a bit

of poetry, and I was not sure I could be a poet.

Francesca proved to me I can be. In her class, I wrote poems of the elements – fire, water,

earth, air, and spirit, elements we all have intimate knowledge of. At first, I was anxious, but her

excellent suggestions and encouragement gave me the confidence to keep writing. She offered

readings of work by other poets, some of whom struggled in the beginning as I do. She opened

my eyes to the power of poetry, its healing elements and beauty, a gift."

Lucy Painter

Willow Street, Pennsylvania

"In 2020, I had the very good fortune to work with Francesca Aniballi on a story practitioner course I was teaching. I was pleasantly called to attention by her precision and warmth. In Francesca, I have met one of those rare souls whose innate understanding of the scope and intricacy of Story calls us into the possibility of travelling between realms to change, in a good way, the stories we are living. In Francesca, I have also met someone whose gentleness, love for humanity, and careful language build a caring space that can foster safety and growth. Francesca holds the tools and craft of a story artisan, with eagle vision and a readiness to fly with you wherever your story of healing needs to flow."

Carol Day 

Author of Story Compass and Shamanic Dreaming